Inspirational Story

Witness of Creation

Recently, Calvin Smith from Creation Ministries, Canada was speaking at a church in a rural Ontario, Canada. His morning sermon illustrated the tremendous damage evolutionary teaching can have on young people from Christian homes, and how atheists are capitalising on such teaching to turn young people away from the faith. Afterwards he was approached by a frantic Mother who described her son as “One of those kids you talked about!”

Her son was 16, and had announced about a month earlier that he considered himself an atheist after reading one of Richard Dawkins’ books. She said she couldn’t answer any of his questions and wanted to know if the speaker would consider going out to lunch with her son so he could get some answers. The speaker quickly changed his lunch plans and of course agreed to meet at a local restaurant.

Despite the young man’s seeming initial confidence, after asking three or four questions and receiving some solid refutations of the evolutionary explanations he was citing he seemed quite taken aback. He said that this was the first time he had ever heard a Christian give answers refuting evolution other than a glossing over it by saying “… life is too complicated …” etc. He had come to believe in the evolutionary argument that given enough time ‘anything was possible’.

Unsurprisingly, all of the questions were what CMI speakers refer to internally as ‘Creation Answers Book’ questions (meaning they are all questions that are covered in our most popular book that answers the top sixty questions asked about the creation/evolution debate and the book of Genesis) and so were quite easy to answer.

Having let the young man fire his initial broadside, so to speak, Calvin began to probe with questions of his own. “How could atheists account for morality? How could matter give rise to language systems?”

Fortunately, in this case, the young man began to respond against evolution by the end of the conversation, acknowledging that there seemed to be good arguments against materialism and that the Bible was indeed supported by science. Although unable to attend the evening service, because he was working, his parents attended and were beaming all night long, excited that their son had finally received support for his crumbling faith where he needed it most!