Inspirational Story

Prayer for Daily Needs

Glenn Coon’s book Youth Prays, God Answers tells the story of Frank and Sue Winner.

Frank and Sue were unemployed, following  a third business failure, at the point of bankruptcy and considering separation due to incompatibility when Frank began to attend a class on the ABC’s of Prayer at La Sierra College.  Never before had Frank had a prayer answered but now the answers began to happen daily.

For example, when the warning to ‘pay the water bill or it would be disconnected in five days’ arrived it was filed along with all the other unpaid bills and forgotten.  Five days later when Sue found out, she prayed the promise of Philippians 4:19, Asking God, Believing, and thanking Him for providing Frank  with the money to pay the bill.  Sure enough, the water was soon back on, but when Frank came home he knew nothing about it.  The mystery was solved when they’re neighbour told them he had gone in to pay his bill so paid theirs too and they could repay him later, once they were financially on their feet again.

One day they were out of bread and with no money to buy any.  Sue searched the house and found some oatmeal flour, what she thought was whole wheat, but later found out was buckwheat, and some old yeast, in the back of the fridge which was over a year old and would take a miracle to work.  Once again she prayed the promised of Philippians 4:19 and then watched as the bread rose and became the most delicious loaf they had ever had!

Many times during those 4 months of unemployment, Frank claimed the promise of Philippians 4:19 and then, just when Frank was given a good paying job, the finance company gave notice that if they did not immediately pay the overdue amount they would foreclose on the house.  Frank explained that now he had work he would have it all paid in the next 3 months but they would not accept that.

After claiming the promises of Philippians 4:19 and Jeremiah 33:3 Frank was impressed to go see the Veterans Administration Office and they took over the loan and wrote up a new contract for even less that what Frank had offered to pay the finance company!

The ABC’s of Prayer are. A—find a Bible promise that fits and then AskBBelieve that God will fulfil his promise. CClaim or receive the answer, realising that God has answered even if you can’t immediately see it and then Thank Him for His answer.