Inspirational Story

Answered Prayers at School

Glenn Coon was invited to take a Week of Prayer at The Mountain School encouraging the ABC of praying with Bible promises.

  1. Ask for anything the Bible has promised.
  2. Believe that God will do what He has promised.
  3. Claim/receive/get your answer and thank Him for answering.

These are some of the stories related shared during that week.

The first day of the week of prayer, the students were upset because Eddy had been told by his parents he was to leave the school; his parents did not want him uniting with this ‘queer’ church.  Eddy had been preparing for baptism.  The students were searching their Bibles for a Bible promise to claim to either change the parent’s minds, or else to help Eddy to witness to his parents.

When his parents arrived, Eddy begged to stay but it only made his parents more determined to remove him.  When the last goodbyes were said, the faculty and students again gathered, asking God to either intervene or to strength Eddy.

Before the week was over a letter came from Eddy, sharing how the Lord was giving him courage.  “Tonight,” he wrote, “The preacher is coming over to talk because my parents think he can prove me wrong.  But I know what the Bible says.”

A week later he wrote again, “Claim promises for me, and it may be that God will use me to convert the minister who is coming over again…”

Another student said he suffered severely with a bad back; only one of the teachers knew how to bring him relief.  One day, the student found himself in terrible pain but when he went to get help he found out that teachers was away for the day.  He remember the power of prayer and not knowing which verse to claim decided on Matthew 7:7—’Ask and you will receive.’  Turning to the promise, he prayed but when he finished and got up his back still hurt.  Then he remembered that he hadn’t thanked God.  So he did this and then turned his attention to studying.  Half an hour later when he went to get up he realised the pain was completely gone!

Another student enlisted the help of a friend to pray for his father.  Things weren’t good at their home.  They claimed 1 John 5:16 ‘If you see a fellow believer sinning in a way that does not lead to death, you should pray, and God will give that person life.’  He wrote his mother asking her to claim the promise too.  It seemed only a short time later that his mother wrote back to say his father had recommitted his life to the Lord and things were so much happier at home.