Inspirational Story

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From Youth Prays God Answers.

Sometimes the Lord uses neighbours like Mrs Garrison to bring answers to prayers.  At least He did in this case.

Esther was baptised and became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church as the result of the payers and efforts of members of the prayer class.  With two small children and expecting the third soon, it was inevitable that a washing machine of some kind would have to be purchased.  But they had no money.  Mrs Garrison, the good neighbour, heard about it, and went over to see Eli and Esther, saying, “Let’s pray about it.”  Claiming the promise in 3rd John 2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper….”  Then they thanked the Lord for hearing them and awaited the answer.

Later, Mrs Garrison, passing by the College Market, was impressed to stop and read the ads on the bulletin board.  “FOR SALE,” She read, “NEW KENMORE AUTOMATIC WASHER-DRIER.” She knew that Esther and Eli could hardly afford the old type washer, let alone on like this one; but faith was strong and she was soon talking to the owner on the phone.  Yes, she still had it, and would be glad for them to see it.  She was asking one hundred dollars for it.  Mrs Garrison explained the situation and plans were made for them to see it.

Like most women, Esther was excited over the prospects of owning an automatic washer for the first time in her life!  But when her eyes beheld it, she exclaimed, “Oh! What a beautiful machine!  We could never afford one like this!”  How the Lord must delight in opening the windows of heaven and showering blessings and happiness upon His children.  The lady looked at Esther and said, “I’ve just been offered one hundred and fifty dollars cash for this machine, but I’m willing to let you have it for twenty-fie dollars.

“Did you say one hundred and twenty-five dollars?” Esther asked.

“No, “ said twenty-five dollars.”

Esther was so excited she was almost in tears.  “Only God would do such a thing for me,” she exclaimed.

Eli was almost as happy as Esther.  They paid the lady and then Eli immediately began to see about the installation.  To his great dismay he discovered that the house had not been wired for the type of service they needed to operate the machine they had just purchased.  This posed a real problem not easily solved.  Eli began to wonder, “Now why would God do a think like that? He allowed us to buy a washer we can’t use!”

Again the good neighbour came to the rescue.  “Eli,” she said, “didn’t I hear you talking about finding another house?  We’ll just ask the Lord for a house for you.”

A few days later Eli came home with some exciting news.  He had found a house that he liked very much.  There was only one think wrong.  The rent was two high.  Sure enough, after they prayed about it the rent was reduced to a very affordable amount.