Inspirational Story

Miracle Healing

Another story from Youth Prays God Answers.

“Well, this is it, for me.” though Helen when she heard the fateful words.

The kindly doctor reached over and patted her hand as she tried to control the growing fear that threatened to engulf her.

“I’m sorry,” he said.  “It seems you’ve had your share of trouble.  But the x-rays are proof of what I’ve been suspecting for some time.  You’ve had several surgeries, so you’re acquainted with the medical term, sarcoma of the small bowel.  I know what you’re thinking Helen.  But let me encourage you to go to the Great Physician,  Jesus can give you peace of mind and help you through this trying ordeal.  And remember, I’ll be praying for you.”

During the long nights that followed, Helen lay awake for hours at a time.  The tranquillisers, to which she had had to resort for several years failed to give her the expected relied.

“What will happen to my children?  Will others be patient with my teenage sons who need their mother’s love and understanding?  What bout the younger ones?  They’re growing out of babyhood, but to me they’re still babies.  Why, God why?’ So ran her worried thoughts as this young mother faced a dark and dismal future.

In her heart Helen was not blaming God.  She just could not understand why this doom was pronounced on her when her children needed her so much.  Yet it did seem unjust and unfair.  But since God holds the master plans and allows calamities and trials to guide each life in the right direction, Helen decided to accept His will.

Helen’s home was not a happy one.  The uncontrolled temper of a non-Christian husband kept things upset and tense most of the time.  But in spite of her weakened condition and constant pain, Helen attended church as often as she could.

The first Sabbath after her doctor’s report, Glenn Coon had been invited to be the guest speaker at the church which she attended and presented the A B C’s of prayer.  As she listened to one experience after another of how God was answering prayer for young people and older ones alike, Helen felt as if a whole new world was opening up before her.  She felt that in the power of the prayer of reception lay the answer to her immediate problem.  She had faith that God could and would answer her prayer if she surrendered herself completely and claimed His promise with unswerving faith.

Helen though much about what she had heard and then decided to step forward in faith.  It was a very important decision she made.  She phoned her pastor and a few friends whom she felt were sincere, consecrated Christians and asked them all to pray at home.  The ministers offered prayers of commitment as we do for the sick, since we cannot know whether the sick have fulfilled the conditions to healing.  Because ‘the Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy’ James 5:11 and because He has promised in Psalms 50:15 ‘Call on me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me,’ God heard and answered the prayers presented to Him in faith and submission, in Helen’s behalf.

Later she said, “I prayed at home, claiming 1 John 1:9.  I wanted my heart to be right with God.  I wanted nothing to stand between me and God to prevent His answering my prayer,  As the Holy Spirit came into my heart, and His presence filled my body, I prayed, with tears streaming down my face, claiming Psalms 103:3-5 ‘Who forgives all your sins and who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is resewed like the eagle’s.”

Helen continued, “Oh, what wonderful blessing God is waiting to bestow upon us if we but ask!  I had felt completely at loose ends, not knowing which way to turn,  But after that prayer, an entirely new feeling entered my body.  The terrible feeling of heaviness and discouragement lifted, and a peace like I’d never known before filled my soul.  I fully trusted in God, believing all would be well.”

On Helen’s next visit to the doctor, a second set of x-rays was taken to verify the first.  Finally the day came for Helen to go back for the doctors report.  As she entered his office a smile spread over his face.  Even before he spoke, Helen knew what the verdict was; her faith in answered prayer had never wavered wince the day of special prayer.  “We see absolutely no further indication of the sarcoma we saw in the first x-rays,” the doctor said.

Helen shared her healing experience with her neighbour lady next door.  “This is the kind of prayer life I want.” She said, “Would you allow me, too, to enrol in the prayer class?”  Helen has shared her experience with all who are interested, and God is using her to bring courage and help to may discouraged ones.