Inspirational Story

ABC Prayer Program

Another story from Youth Prays God Answers.
Wayne was attending the classes on prayer and had come to know something of its power. He immediately began praying and working for his mother who had a very bad smoking problem.
In speaking to her Wayne said, “Mom, are you willing to give it up?”
“No, Son,” She said, “I’ve tried too many times. Three packs a day is an awful lot, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about it now.”
Wayne had learned some important things from the classes he had attended, and he knew that there was something that could be done. One of the things he had learned was that “God stands back of every promise He has made.” (Christ’s Object Lessons p147) He quickly sent up a silent prayer for wisdom (James 1:5), confident that it would be given.
“Mum, would you be willing to claim a promise about smoking?” Wayne asked? “Claim a what?” His mother responded, a little puzzled. “Claim a Bible promise, Mother.” And then Wayne sat down and for nearly two hours patiently explained the wonderful method of ASKING, BELIEVING, and CLAIMING the promises of God’s Word.
To his great delight, his mother agreed to try the program, including a ten-point program of thanksgiving which he told her about which involves finding and listing ten things each day for which we are thankful, and which is a wonderful way to calm jittery nerves.
Wayne carefully wrote out what she must do on a slip of paper which she could have handy.

Ask—Matthew 21:22
Believe—Matthew 21:22
Claim—and return thanks to God that you HAVE received the gift. 1 John 5:14, 15; 1 Corinthians 15:57.

He gave her also three promises to claim:
1 Corinthians 10:13—for smoking
2 Corinthians 10:5—for her nerves
1 John 5:16—for life

Two weeks later Wayne’s mother told him, “Son, I’ll have to admit this program really does work. I’m already down to only one pack a day, and I’m feeling so much better.”
This was happy news! But there was more wonderful news to come. When he invited her to hear a tape that he had recorded of one of Glenn Coons sermons, she said, “Elder Coon? Why yes, I want to hear it. I heard him speak at the Inglewood Seventh-day Adventist church just yesterday.”
Wayne had not known of her interest in the church nor of her attendance. His testimony at the next class was a complete confidence in the God of heave that his mother would not only gain complete victory over the tobacco habit, but that she would soon be in regular attendance at the house of God. His heart was full of praise and thanksgiving.
God still lives! He is still answering the prayers of those who will fulfil the conditions. He is waiting to hear from you!
Why not take your problem to Him right now in prayer? He has answered others—He’ll do the same for you.